Custom Solutions to Meet Individual Needs

All Florida Water is an independently owned and operated commercial and industrial water treatment company. From custom-designed water treatment applications for energy industries and healthcare-related fields to manufacturing and municipal drinking water supplies, All Florida Water's proven water treatment solutions can be found from coast to coast. Employing an on-site approach backed by surveying and research, AFW aims to provide the most cost-effective water treatment designs with an eye toward reducing operating costs along with risks.  Whether you're a project or systems engineer or company owner or manager, We are comfortable navigating the landscape of every project regardless of the level of expertise required. 

The flexibility of All Florida design improves overall efficiency.

  • Lower maintenance costs with dependable service from All Florida certified technicians
  • Lower energy costs and use with a solution designed to your specific needs
  • Reduce wastewater by reusing gray water
  • Get the most out of production time with one of the quickest total systems to market

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Pre-Treatment Solutions

Achieve superior levels of performance with preliminary treatment solutions that include multi-media filters, softeners, de-alkalizers and chemical treatment. 

Membrane Solutions

All Florida’s Membrane solutions can greatly decrease turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved solids and organic substances.  Cost Savings and the reduction of chemical regenerants are a result of the increased efficiency of your equipment and process.


In order to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS), All Florida utilize ion exchange resin technology to provide a range of water Deionization products.  The result of this intricate process is high-purity water from a system that is easy to use and maintain.

Brine Reclamation & Reuse

Brine reclamation returns part of the reusable brine to the brine tank instead of transferring it down the drain during softening, which results in savings for you the business owner and provides environmental benefit as well.

National Accounts

Businesses with multiple locations gain from the individualized service, management and global capacity of being a All Florida National Account. All Florida offers a single point of contact to a system of local, factory-trained technicians for service and maintenance.

Service Agreements

Hall’s All Florida Water is committed to keeping your equipment performing at peak efficiency, and that is why we offer customized service agreement to fit your needs.    Our preventative maintenance measures are to insure that we detect any inconsistency in performance before it becomes an issue.