Water Treatment Solutions for Educational Facilities

At All Florida Water we understand the importance of water quality at your institution or campus, and no one provides more effective or efficient solutions to help you achieve your water goals. Your water directly affects the health, safety and comfort of all students, staff, faculty and visitors. Make sure your water quality is in the hands of professionals. All Florida’s advanced treatment systems are designed to solver even your most difficult water related issues.

  • Provide you with maximum Return on Investment (ROI) while also providing solutions to enhance sustainability.
  • Save on maintenance costs and manpower
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your water-using capital assets (cooling towers, chillers, and boilers)
  • Enhance the efficiency of your operation
  • Promote a more positive and enjoyable campus life for students, visitors, and staff


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One Size Does Not Fit All

All Florida Water recognizes that no two institutions are the same and we will never offer you a “cookie-cutter” water treatment system. We will create a unique water treatment plan tailored just to you. This customization has led us to utilize the innovative modular platform, which every All Florida Water commercial or industrial solution is based upon. Our solutions will target your unique water challenges and we will provide a solution that is on budget, on schedule and sustainable.